Allah, the Most Knowing, creates snail in continuous life cycle. Allah too, gives the snail special characteristics to protect from danger. Our children will understand that only Allah has the power to originate yhe creation, the reproduces it and gives sustenance to each of them. Help our children to feel thankful to Allah SWT by obeying all His commands.

-The Living Planet
-A Miracle Drop
-The Burning Lamp
-The Shining Moon
-The Vastness of The Universe

Bilangan Muka Surat: 22 m/s (setiap buku) 

Harga: RM 49.00

Allah the Most Powerful Creator has created the Sun. The Sun is a centre of the solar system. Allah the Most Powerful Creator commands the Sun to move in its own orbit in the galaxy called the Milky Way. The Sun is our main sources of light and heat energy. Without it everything will freeze and live in darkness

Allah The Most Wise Creator has created the Moon. The Moon is a natural satellite to the Earth

Allah the Most Powerful Creator has created the Earth. The Earth is the only planet in the Solar System has water, air and suitable temperature that needed by all living things.

Water is a miracle gift from Allah Al-Mighty the Most Beneficial One. Water is the only matter that can exist in three different forms. The first form of water is that it can exist in solid form known as ice. Next, water can exist in gas form known as steam or water vapour. Lastly, water exist in liquid form as we use in our everyday life

Allah the Most Powerful and the Most Merciful Creator explained how He creates the whole universe in the holy book, Al-Quran

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