A young child is learning all the time & all types of ‘play’ are opportunities to learn. Whatever the youngster’s age or development level, matching letter will amuse & entertain because it is so flexible. The game play will adapt as the child grows & continue to promote the basics letter & word skills that are essential when it is time to begin reading.

Skills your child will practice :

❇️ Object & word recognition
❇️ Letter recognition & letter matching
❇️ Spelling
❇️ Sorting & grouping
❇️ Concentration & memory
❇️ Taking turns & sharing

In box there’s including a game tray, 30 picture/word cards & 8 letter cube. Each card was printed at the front & back side & has a 3 or 4 letter word on it.

There are many ways to play with the matching letter game. We suggest you let your child play however he or she wishes. Remember, play is learning experience & this game lets your child realize the most important thing of all, learning is FUN!

Material : ABS plastic & glossy paper
Size : 27cm x 5cm x 26.5cm
Price : RM 30.00


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