Now I Can Read is a progressive reading series for pre-schoolers. It trains the pre-schoolers to talk about their real life situations using Basic Words. This helps pre-schoolers to master the usage of these Basic Words without tears. After reading this series, pre-schoolers are able to handle more complicated reading scheme.

Now I Can Read present its ideas:
• Using communicable illustrations to help the pre-schoolers in word recognition.
• From ‘I’ to ‘MY’ in pre-schoolers are still very self-centred.
• To inspire pre-schoolers to inculcate inner values, develop good habits and
taking up healthy hobbies.

Coaching procedure by Teachers and Parents:

Step 1:Talk about the illustrations by asking your child questions using what, who, where, when and how.
Step 2:Read each page more than once to your child.
Step 3:Read each page and act it out.
Step 4:You read and tell your child to act out.
Step 5:Then read the page together.
Step 6:Repeat this process until you have completed the whole story.
Step 7:Create flash cards for each word in the story.
Step 8:Flash cards to your child before you start something new every session.

Do not spend more than 30 minutes with your child in any single reading session. It is perfectly all right if it takes you one whole month to finish a story.

1 x Scholar’s Now I can Read (12 book)
Genre : Early Learning for Childrens
Pages : 16/book (12 books)
Size : 15 x 23 CM ( Full Colour, Glossy)

Price : RM54

Buku bacaan yang simple dan mudah dibaca oleh anak-anak

Dalam satu set ada 12 buah buku

Memang berbaloi, gambar yang menarik dan ayat yang mudah difahami

Membantu kanak kanak belajar membaca dengan menghubungkaitkan teks Dan gambar.

Kanak kanak dapat menambah perbendaharaan kata sekaligus mengembangkan daya imaginasi Dan juga kreativiti

Anak-anak pasti suka…jom dapatkan untuk mereka, kita pun dapat sekali upgrade skill bacaan

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