Dumping trash in a dumpster won’t be this fun, this is a brand new toy, it can make you better practice pitching. This movable crazy dustbin would be suitable for indoor game. Players can attempt to toss their paper balls into the trash bin while it unexpectedly opens & closes its lid. The balls are different colours so its easy for players to keep track of their pieces. The motorized trash bin moves around the room while quickly changing direction for a fast-moving & fun game for kids.

🖤 This toys are made of quality & durable material so that they are very safe & non-toxic to play by your children for a long time
🖤 Its not only for children but also for adults, especially when they are hanging out with friends
🖤 It require 4 AA batteries (not included)
🖤 Featuring 2 levels of difficulty, this game can either be made easier for younger children to play or more challenging & exciting for older children to play

Material : ABS Plastic
Size : 18cm x 15cm x 21cm
Price : RM 49.00

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