Make playtime fun with this cute educational projector that will projects images that your child can trace & paint along with the picture. This is a new way to encourage children to learn to draw, paint & trace while having fun.


The projection has 24 patterns for children’s drawing, creating a more colourful & interesting world for kids. The projector required 3 pcs AA batteries (not included) to function. The fawn bow tie has 3 gears which are off gear, projection gear & projection with music gear. Please take note, in order to have a clean drawing board after painting, you need to spray some water on it to wipe it clean with the eraser.


What you can get :


🌈 1 projector painting desk

🌈 12 pcs colourful paintbrushes

🌈 1 drawing book

🌈 1 eraser

🌈 3 pcs colourful dream projection (24 patterns)


Size : 37cm x 28.5cm x 23.5cm

Material : ABS plastic

Price : RM48.00

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