Have you filled your children’s bookshelves with scientific books?
If not, this is for you!

The practice of reading among children is increasingly worrying. Primarily if the reading material contains facts.
As parents, we need to help children in choosing reading materials that are beneficial for the formation of their minds.

Besides kids, these books can even be helpful for young adults who want to increase their knowledge of Sports.

With only RM17, the children will
✅ Increase insight and knowledge
✅ Improve concentration and memory
✅ Knowing something in detail and following the facts
✅ Improve reading in English

📌 Clear & easy-to-read writing
📌 Paper matte cover
📌 Content with glossy paper
📌 Size : 28cm x 21cm
📌 48 pages with colorful

Get it now from our entrepreneurs.


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