⭐ Intrigue the baby & provide an opportunity to build skills, the string around the box gives enough tension for the baby to strengthen their fine motor skills, great for the baby’s physical & mental development.

⭐ Shape Bin Sorter Baby Toy with a variety of colour compositions, you can exercise the baby’s ability to identify the colour.

⭐ Also, this Montessori toy is designed with an elastic band, the baby can pull the elastic band to take out or take in different colour cubes from the toy, it will attract children’s curiosity, which can exercise the baby’s hands to explore the development of the ability.

✔️ Shape recognition
✔️ Perceptual texture
✔️ Colour enlightenment
✔️ Spatial imagination

⭐ Made of non-toxic, drop-resistant & tasteless. The frame of toy is rounded & polished, all edges & patterns are polished into a smooth, rounded shape that is comfortable & skin-friendly.

Material : ABS plastic
Size : 14cm x 14cm
Design : 🟧 Square
               🔵 Oval

Jom dapatkan terus daripada ejen Mommy Happy pada harga RM 34.60 sahaja…

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